Of course, I know that you aren’t. I haven’t released a podcast since George Dubya Bush declared ‘Mission Accomplished!‘ after landing a jet on an aircraft carrier. It was a dramatic event, meant to inspire the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. But, there’s a chance he may have misspoke. Sure, there was a mission… the accomplished part however… another while lie.

And this is where we are: me relaying the same message as usual. Yes, for really real, I have one episode in the cache and I’m recording two this weekend. “Honestly.”, said the person selling you a ’76 Dodge Dart with a rusted hood. “It’s got character.”, he smooths from wet lips. Will that be cash or charge?

Words are easy, action is the dragon screeching like an angry phone alarm at 7 am. I’m acting… I promise. Wait, that’s not what I meant. I swear!

Ah, let’s wrap this up. Keep an eye out for the new episodes, the first to be dropped next Friday.

Episodes of the Podcast are available at the following links:

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