You may be wondering what was up with that last post. You may think that you deserve an answer. You don’t. Mostly because I flew at 10,000 feet on a ragged pair of pants. I didn’t really appreciate cabin pressure as much, until I donned the Icarus wings. Shrug it off, move on. We’ve got a podcast to talk about.

Discoursers is my love, my life… my passion project. So, it’s off to a bit of a rocky start, just like any other relationship. There was a honeymoon phase, but the new car smell wore off quicker than anticipated. Now it stinks of stale cigarette smoke and the stench of a Coney dog from Sonic. A cleaning is vital; nay, an imperative. And that’s what I’ve been up to these days. New egotistical logo with my face as the centerpiece, check. A website design that doesn’t include typewriter font that only Boomers find attractive, affirmative. The purpose, though, is a wild animal lashing out in its cave. The idea is feral now, running amok and biting the neighbor’s kid. Time to reel that great beast in.

It is time to reevaluate how WE view our conversations.

In the 12 episodes published, I tried to capture a good, healthy discourse. Amateur, at best, and maybe a bit foolhardy. But, as Granny used to say, “God protects drunkards and fools.” This was finding a loophole in the whole ‘plan your life accordingly’. Remain a fool, drink regularly – a sort of diplomatic immunity.

Tried, attempted, shot in the fucking dark. I want all of us to start being truthful with each other. Not in the sense of overt lying (BTW, I’m now white!), but in the sense of who we truly are in the mirror alone. When we show that to others, and they show theirs to us, there is a moment worthy of adoration for language and something outside of the self. Empathy, I suppose. I just call it paying attention to another human.

While I’m trying to harbor a healthy conversation from the onslaught of social pressure, there are some things I do not care to judge blindly. People have different views. Even the extremes of Red and Blue have factions that disagree on their motives and actions. There is no fact that fits all of our perspectives into a single line, a single plot that tells the human story. Our stories are varied: wild, evil, cute, heart-warming, and heart-wrenching. Actively participating in a discourse where someone tells me their truth or story is worth more than all the naturally occurring and plentiful selection of diamonds. They decided to share with me, take off the personality mask for a breather. This is an honor and a privilege.

Whoa… too serious for the moment? We can’t get caught up in serious right now, that’s where reality lives. And that shit is beyond absurd, soaked with mistranslated voices and a massive increase in volume that seems to know no peak. Nope, let’s stay away from that dark cloud. We need to shed a little light into the equation – and I ain’t talking about crystals, tie-dye, and infinite love.

Who am I kidding? I don’t have the answers to any of that. But, I hope that you’ll stick around while I figure it out. we can figure it out together.

There are new episodes coming, that I can promise you. When they will be up is a… complicated question better left for another post.


Joey DeLoach

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