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Episode 17: Oh, the Horror!

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-j3g5n-faa34a In this episode of Discoursers, me and Kevin Cole talk about the cultural importance of movies, the survival of his video rental store/movie theater (Cap City Video Lounge) and, of course, the revelation of horror films. Available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, and other podcast places. https://discoursers.com/http://bit.ly/spotifydiscoursershttp://bit.ly/applediscoursers

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Forging in the Fires of Defeat

Dear Fellow Discourser, Let’s get to it, fellow Discoursers. I’m a lazy bastard. I have something like 9 episodes recorded — and not a single one ready to publish. Hey, I think someone I was fucking broke my heart and gave me oral herpes (2-for-1 deal!). Cut me a break. Honesty is the best policy,…

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Are You Not Entertained?

Of course, I know that you aren’t. I haven’t released a podcast since George Dubya Bush declared ‘Mission Accomplished!‘ after landing a jet on an aircraft carrier. It was a dramatic event, meant to inspire the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. But, there’s a chance he may have misspoke. Sure, there was a mission……

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